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Q:What is the shipping time?

A: Most items are shipped UPS Ground which is 3-4 business days. Smaller items and packages are shipped through USPS which is 3-4 business days. Processing for in-stock items is done next business day.


Q: Can we do local pick-up? And where?

A: Yes you sure can! We are based out of Oakley, CA. When your order is ready for pick-up you will receive a notification when your order is ready and where to pick up.


Q: I need help with sublimation are you able to help me with something?

A: I can but I also recommend joining out FB group Bay Area Blanks Sublimation Group where you can ask your question and get feedback from 1K+ members. Ask questions about sublimation, design, or just post your projects for feedback and check out notifications and updates from Bay Area Blanks! There's even raffles and giveaways done occasionally.


Q: I made a mistake with my order, how can I fix it?

A. Email with your issue and we'll work with you to correct the mistake.


Q: I'm waitlisted for an item will it notify me when it is back in stock?

A: If you waitlist for an item, when the item is restocked it will be placed into your cart. You will be notified with an email when that occurs and will have 48 hours to check out before that item that was reserved goes back into inventory. Being on the waitlist is not an obligation to buy the item, if you change your mind no problem!


Q: What is the Refer & Earn Credit?

A: You can earn free money towards any future purchase. Each account holder has a personalized referral code that can be found under the "Refer & Earn Credit" tab on the home screen of your account page. Click the tab and copy the link, then share with friends, family, or groups (when allowed per group rules). Anytime someone uses your code when checking out on their first order they get 10% off and you receive store credit!