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Tumbler Heat Press
$570.00 $380.00
or 4 interest-free payments of $95.00 with

Tumbler Heat Press
$570.00 $380.00
or 4 interest-free payments of $95.00 with

Product Details


This tumbler heat press can press 30 oz and 20 oz tumblers!!! It also can fit 2 mugs at the same time.
Machine Dimensions: 18" W x 18" L x 12" H
Weight: 27 lbs. (12.5kg)
Max heating Temperature: 420 Degrees Fahrenheit
Includes a Heating Element that is 10.6 in long and fits up to a 30 oz Tumbler
Padded Pressure Handle for easy use
Easy Control Parameter Set up and adjustments
The machine has a silent operating system so there is no beeping
Includes 6 month machinery and core components warranty.

Included Components:
- 698W Plus Tumbler Heat Press with included heating element able to fit up to 30 oz skinny straight tumbler
- Power cord
- Operating Manual
- Starter Tumbler Set: 4- 20 oz straight tumblers with a roll of 10 mm heat resistant tape

1. Print on Sublimation paper
2. Fix the image paper on a blank mug or tumbler using thermal tape
3. Put the mug into the heater, and adjust the pressure
4. To ensure even pressure, turn the knobs of support board to make it closer to support the heating element
5. Take out the mug, plug in and turn on the machine
6. Set time and temperature
7. Wait until the machine heats up to the set temperature
8. Put the mug or tumbler into the press, press down on the handle until closed, and the machine will start the countdown
9. After the countdown is complete, take out the mug or tumbler and peel off paper to check the results

1. Do not touch the heating element as the machine is heating
2. Do not touch the heating element and silicon mat when the machine remains hot
3. This machine is not intended for use by children
4. When removing blank from press after use use caution because the blank will be hot to touch